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 Education in values

Educación integral

Apart from the aptitudes and knowledge the pupils should attain by the time they finish their schooling, it is impossible to talk about an educational system without taking into account the kind of person we are trying to produce.

In this sense, the educational work of the NACE centres is aimed at developing in our pupils:

  • A disciplined mind, one that is capable of achieving its goals through training and discipline; a mind that is capable of mastering the main strands of human thought - science, mathematics, technology, and historical, philosophical and artistic thought.

  • A mind that is capable of synthesis. beyond the basic aptitudes and traditional disciplines, and bombarded with an excessive quantity of information, our pupils should be capable of summarising with precision and synthesising in a productive way, something which means acquiring the habit of interdisciplinary thought.

  • A creative mind. something that is increasingly valued by society today, in the sense that everything which is governed by the application of rules can be done more swiftly and more precisely by making use of the new technologies.

  • A mind that is respectful of others, one that is educated to understand difference, both in terms of the diversity of people and their actions or thoughts.

  • An ethical mind, a mind that is governed by the notion of integrity and guided by personal disinterest; prepared to establish connections with other people and with other cultures, and to assume responsibilities.
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