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 Multilingual project

Education of english

In the multilingual context that characterises the NACE Centres, the teaching of English as the first foreign language occupies a very special place. Our pupils become familiar with the language from the very beginning of their schooling, to the extent of learning to read and write in English at the same time as they do so in the official language or languages. In this case, the important differences in the English linguistic system do not act as a brake, but rather as a stimulus for our pupils.

To ensure they fully master the language, various subjects and activities are done in English, and the teachers responsible only speak to the pupils in this language. To guarantee their correct learning, a good number of our teachers are native English speakers, or have spent long periods in English-speaking countries.

The support classes and the activities of the Language School complement the academic activity, in such a way that, on completing their schooling, our pupils have a mastery of oral and written English in both its academic and colloquial forms.

On the other hand, and as they progress through school, our pupils are introduced to a second foreign language, French or German. In some of our centres Mandarin Chinese is also offered, through a system of early learning during the pupils’ pre-school education and the first years of Primary.

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