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 NACE, an organisation at the service of pedagogy

In an open and complex society like ours, schools must take on a much wide range of functions than in the past. The NACE centres aim to respond to all the demands involved in educating today’s children and young people, between the ages of 0 to 18.

Hence, our organisation offers all those services that are necessary complements to effective teaching:

  • Extended school day, both before and after school hours, so that the families who require this service can harmoniously combine family and school life.

  • A dining room, with its own kitchen, to ensure a balanced diet, and pupils’ good nutritional habits.

  • Efficient and safe school transport services, adapted to meet the needs of pupils’ families.

  • A wide range of out-of-school activities that give our pupils that surge of energy which comes from doing sports, music or artistic activity.

  • Participation, outside school hours, in our fully-fledged language or music schools, or in sports clubs, that enable every pupil to develop his or her own abilities.

  • Summer courses to ensure that the rhythm of academic activity during the year is not broken, and the option of study periods abroad to improve pupils’ level of English.

  • Innovation and Research teams that, using the new technologies, bring cohesion to the school community, facilitate communication and the involvement of pupils’ families.

  • Academic and sports facilities that are roomy and well-equipped, capable of satisfying all the needs of school life, open to families and set in healthy surroundings.

NACE Schools
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NACE Schools
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