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 New Technologies

New Technologies

It would be difficult to conceive of present-day education without the knowledge and the resources provided by the information and communication technologies (ICT). Their importance in education resides in the fact that their systems and products can capture information from the user and his/her surroundings, store it, process it, transmit it and make it comprehensible to our senses, in such a way that they help pupils to take decisions and shape their mental processes.

The NACE centres are equipped with the most advanced computer systems which are at the service of the whole school community, teachers and pupils. In the first place, our pupils need to develop conceptual and instrumental competence regarding ICT and to understand the main implications of these technologies in the social, personal and ethical spheres.

ICT has a transversal presence in the educational syllabus in the form of concepts and procedures related with working with information that correspond to each of the areas of knowledge. Thus, for example, ICT is present in the interactive study of musical language, in drawing and design, in the search for and transmission of information, in the preparation of texts, in the mathematical applications and those designed for graphic representation, in the processing of experimental data in the laboratory, etc.

Alongside this, the NACE centres are currently developing an ambitious project for a Virtual Community.

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