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Technology in the classroom: the necessary rigour to make it work 

We can undoubtedly affirm that we are in the middle of the process of Change Management in the classroom, thanks to the incorporation of new technologies in them.

The current  first order transformation is of such a huge scale that the end result will be a huge qualitative leap in the ways and means of acting in the classroom.

The incorporation of technology in the classroom does not simply mean providing students and teachers with computers, or filling the classrooms with hardware or interactive whiteboards. All these elements in themselves are not means of teaching, but a set of tools and digital and material resources and networks which provide the school with the necessary technological base to serve as a launching pad for teachers to use them efficiently.

If we want to introduce technology into the classroom in an effective manner, we need to cover the following points in an orderly way:


  • We must have the necessary tools such as voice and data signals in our classrooms, computers for teachers, computers for students, interactive whiteboards, printers in the classroom, and so on.
  • There are a number of other important tools which will enable information to be managed at the same time as they reinforce values. We could take as an example, the Educational Community (the virtual community which keeps teachers, students and families in contact). Such tools facilitate the use and storage of information, the management of students' and teachers' work and help organize various administrative tasks related to the staff.
  • It is essential to have the correct digital contents, both those created by the teachers or the school as well as those provided by third parties such as publishers, educational websites on the internet, specialized libraries, and so on. This point is especially important, since digital contents become a key piece in the machinery of the educational process, since without the right content, both the hardware and software tools implemented in the classroom, will virtually lose their usefulness and provide little value to this process.
  • In order to achieve effectiveness in incorporating technology into the educational process, that is, in the Classroom, it is vital that the members of the educational community who will have to teach with these resources, both receive the appropriate training on each tool and have a clear concept of the proper application of each content and material.


For all these reasons, we are facing the challenge of using new technology tools. They will require specific training for the teachers to use them and adaptation of the forms and methods of teaching these tools and digital contents.  If up to now, technological elements were seen as only support in educational development, once they have been properly implemented, they will become a fundamental part of the teaching and learning process.

Ignacio Hornedo

Operations and Technology Director of NACE

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