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Twenty-first century education 

We often ask ourselves the question of what sort of education we should give our students in order to prepare them to be citizens of the world.  The answer lies in educating them in matters which concern different cultures and languages and teaching them how to live together by building and reinforcing their sense of identity and awareness of their own culture and that of others. All this should be the first of the goals we have for our students so that we can encourage the development of and respect for human values as the central focus of everything they do in life.

This involves stimulating their curiosity and eagerness for research, with the aim of fostering a spirit of discovery and the pleasure of learning, enabling them not only to acquire knowledge but also how to apply it in the greatest variety of possible areas not only within a local context, but also with a clear international vision.


As teachers, we must therefore encourage diversity and flexibility in our teaching methods, taking into account our students’ different learning styles and the many choices that exist to achieve results as long as we abandon unidirectional and vertical approaches which do not take a broad spectrum of educational parameters into consideration. We must also revise and put into place proper and fair evaluations which are based on the process of learning and not just the content.  Only in this way can we establish true educational quality parameters which are valid in a globalized and constantly changing world.


Twenty-first century education undoubtedly means teaching students to be competent in modern languages and to have extensive knowledge in the following subjects: humanistic and technical studies, science, mathematics, sports, arts and new technologies. We must ensure that all our students obtain the best possible results in each of these subjects while giving them at the same time an interdisciplinary view of human knowledge.


Finally, teaching students to be future citizens of the world implies providing them with the opportunities to research individually and in groups, to discover the reasons behind the facts and to have the critical capacity to analyse them. All this without forgetting the action and reflection which come from participating in local and international social and community work, which is carried out as part of a solidarity process to achieve a better world.

Undoubtedly, we are committed to implement these parameters as thoroughly and professionally as we can.  We are aware that the results are based on the effort, honesty and dedication of a great team that principally aims to create citizens of a globalized, changing and highly competitive world.  Whatever our students may choose to do later in life, we want them to be as ready and prepared as possible.

Luis Madrid Giménez

Headmaster of Lledó International School

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