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School Transport

School Transport

The NACE centres offer an efficient school transport service for their pupils. We demand, and periodically check, that the companies we contract strictly apply all legal norms regarding safety and attention to their passengers.

The monitors who accompany the children are also trained to deal appropriately with any need or emergency, taking into account the age of our pupils and any health problems they may have.

Dining Room

Dining Room

A balanced diet, and one that is tailored to meet the needs of the different age groups, which is nutritious and at the same time tasty, is one of the objectives of the NACE centres, which are equipped with kitchens that cook for the schools, always under the supervision of expert dieticians.

Alongside this, pupils are educated in eating habits through the programme ‘Learning to Eat’, which aims to teach them the importance and function of every foodstuff and to ensure they eat food of all kinds.

Our Dining Room service can also meet the needs of those who have particular dietary requirements as prescribed by a doctor.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities

As well as being set in healthy natural surroundings, the NACE centres are characterised by the wide range of sports facilities they offer, reflecting the importance we place on sport in our educational activity.

In our centres the pupils do, as part of their organised activity, a wide range of both individual and team sports, because we understand that adequate physical development contributes to the leading of a healthy life, and to the building of self-confidence.

Some of our centres have also signed agreements with various local sports clubs so as to facilitate the learning of sports that require specific facilities, such as golf or sailing.

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